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Welcome to Hornbill Adventures

Hornbill Adventures is more than just a company, it’s a family. And we want you to be part of it. Join us today and discover the wonders of nature with Hornbill Adventures

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We offer a range of amazing bike tours, from leisurely rides to challenging trails, in some of the most scenic and diverse locations in Phu Quoc island. Whether you want to cycle along the coast, through the tropical forest, across the hustle city, or around the rural village, we have something for everyone.

Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that is safe, fun, and educational. We have a team of professional bike guides, mechanics, and naturalists who will ensure your comfort and enjoyment. We also care about the environment and the communities we visit, and we follow sustainable practices and support local conservation efforts.

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Who We Are

June 1st 2023, Hornbill Adventures officially established.

Welcome to Hornbill Adventures, the ultimate destination for bike enthusiasts and nature-lovers. We are a travel agent company founded by two brothers, Si and Tan, who share a passion for cycling and wildlife.
Team members

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Quang Si

Hi! My name is Si and I’m tour guide for both international and domestic travelers here in Phu Quoc. I have traveled to and worked in numerous places throughout Vietnam, as well as some Southeast Asian countries, before finally settling down on this amazing tropical island. Phu Quoc has captured my heart with its idyllic beaches, shady green coconut trees, and most of all the warm and friendly local people of the Mekong Delta who live here. I know it will capture your heart as well

Thanh Tan

I am a tour guide, a passionate individual driven by exploration and sharing the remarkable moments of life. My passion lies in leading journeys filled with curiosity, connecting people to beautiful destinations, and sharing unique stories. Being a tour guide not only brings me joy, but also provides me with the freedom I cherish. The ability to manage my own time and explore new places keeps me energized and creative. Immersing myself in nature is a crucial aspect of my approach to travel. I believe that connecting with nature not only soothes the soul but also helps us better understand the environment around us. Guiding trips to untouched landscapes, picturesque mountains, or expansive beaches allows me to inspire and invigorate participants. I am truly happy to share my passion, freedom, and love for nature through my role as a tour guide. I hope to have the opportunity to meet and explore with you on future journeys.

Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural